Contact us: Derby 01332 492092-Email: 07708972957
Contact us: Derby 01332 492092-Email: 07708972957

Do you suffer with black mould and condensation problems we can help eliminate this.

Some properties can suffer with black mould issues and condensation problems leading to unheathly living conditions and cause heath problems long term.


As condensation season comes into effect starting from late September through to Febuary the misery of waking up to to soaking wet windows and damp smells thoughout your property is a serious one.


Condensation problems within the home is most noticable on cold mornings and manifests its self on inside of windows and on walls and ceilings and most noticeable behind furniture placed close to walls


We also supply and fit Positive Input Ventilation units also known as PIV units and these are a lasting perminant solution to condensation and damp problems, see some examples below of ones we recently fitted.

Positive input ventilation unit roof mounted in a loft

Here we have a roof unit that mounts in the loft space creating a postive pressure of air into the house which creates a heathy atmosphere and eliminates condensation and mould problems due to lack of ventilation in modern homes. It often becomes a massive problem for home owners when the colder mornings arrive during condensation season (October to February)

Passyfier Air Vents supplied and fitted from £195.00






Passyfier air vents aid the removal of moist air from the room to the outside. The Passyfier is different to standard air bricks as they prevent cold air/ draughts from coming into your property.


This is because the passyfier is fitted with a slab of mineral based wool inside which prevents the cold air and draughts coming in but will allow the moisture out helping control moisture levels.


It operates continuously and can help extract up to 2.1 litres of water per day.


The passyfier requires no electricity and is inserted in the wall where the problem exists.

These can be fitted in most rooms in a property neatly with no mess or disruption to your property.

   Winter  2022 Offers on  PIV units supplied and fitted.

Supplied and fitted for only £695.00 inc vat for an un-heated version and heated version only £795 inc vat T&C apply price may alter due to fitting radius from Derby.

Do you suffer with wet windows in the mornings ,do you have black mould on walls and ceilings well we can help eliminate this with the installation of a PIV unit.


We also offer deep cleaning services to treat mould and remove it (subject to terms and conditions).

Flatmaster PIV unit for use in flats or houses without a roof space we install these as well as roof mounted units.

A PIV unit normally sits in the loft and forces air into the house 

The benifits of having a PIV unit

  • Ultra Low power usage
  • Integral intelligent comfort heater (optional)
  • 5 Year guarantee
  • Reduces/eliminates surface condensation
  • Quiet operation
  • Eliminates mould
  • Stops streaming windows on cold mornings
  • Removes musty odours
  • Improves air quality
  • Enhances heat distribution around the home
  • Solar gain benifit
  • Benefits asthma sufferers

Bathroom fan supplied and fitted from £99 inc vat

4 inch Vent Axia fan supplied and fitted from new for a amazing price - subject to survey of building type and structure(excludes coring into brick or breezeblock direct swap only).

You may already have a extractor fan in your bathroom or kitchen which may have stopped working. 

We can quickly and cheaply replace these existing fans or if you havent got one we can install one from new including core cutting through walls.


We are Part P registered electricians and NICEIC registered and directly do the work ourself we do not sub contract work out so this means lower prices.

continuous varible fan(dMEV) with humidity sensor from only £195.00 fitted inc vat

This is the latest technology in ventilation products.

This fan runs very slowly all the time and upon detection of moisture in the air will automatically boost up to deal with it.

If you have an existing fan we can supply and fit for this amazing price and can install from new for an addtional price for hole cutting and wiring as required.


A true Family run business 

We are a small family run business with myself Wayne Shaw and my Son Spencer working as a close team.

Quality matters to us as we have our reputation to maintain and our 100's of repeat customers domestic and commercial, we are proud to be a true family business.

We look after many local businesses including Catering 24/7 and Giltbrook Cleaners on the Manners Industrial estate in Ilkeston Derbyshire as well as many smaller local companies.

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