Contact us: Derby 01332 492092 Email:
Contact us: Derby 01332 492092 Email:

Simple terms and Conditions

We don't believe in pages and pages of get out clauses so just a few simple things:


Payment and Deposits on works:

payment is due in full upon full works completion- we are a small business so can't afford to be waiting weeks to be paid, so we require payment in full- simple-if you go shopping at a supermarket would you expect to send them a cheque weeks later after you've taken the goods. 

If you fail to pay on time we reseve the right to charge addtional to the issued invoice if payment is late to cover our expense.

If you have works carried out by us you agree to the payment terms including requests for deposits for materials. If you fail to provide a deposit as requested we will without notice cancel your booking.


Warranty on Materials and workmanship:

We provide a no quibble 12 month warranty and all installation work we do and manufactures warranty applies to materials used which also is normally a 12 month period from purchase but sometime can be longer or shorter.

If a item goes wrong outside this time it will be charged at our normal hourly rate to come back and diagnose the problem.


Cancellation of Works:

We book works in advance so if you have to cancel at short notice (72 hours before due start date) without genuine reason we reserve the right to still charge part or full price for what was agreed.

We will always try to accomodate your needs and take everything in to account possible as we know sometimes things happen that are unavoidable.


Ownership of goods supplied:

We reserve the right of title of goods supplied until full payment is made.


Obviously this is just a couple of basic items we have a full list of T&C s should you require them but we like simple.


Fixed price terms and conditions are subject to distance and items individual to the task taken.

We accept payments of card cash or bank transfer or cheque.

A true Family run business 

The whole of the Shaw family work together, both my sons are electrical apprentices with the company and Mrs Shaw deals with paperwork and administration side of things.

Quality matters to us as we have our reputation to maintain and our 100's of repeat customers shows this, we are proud to be a true family business.

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